Island Assassins, why you should read book 1. It was actually written after book 3! I needed a way of introducing Ceitlyn and the other characters and tell their background story to her becoming an assassin.

It also makes a good standalone book but that would be a shame as each book get’s better and more outrageous than the one before.

I call it my ‘hobbit’ to ‘lord of the rings.’

The book at first seems quite innocent and appears to be about football until around chapter 9 where it changes direction with a shocking event (you get used to them as all the books are shocking in some way) From there, the story twists and turns with an ending you wouldn’t expect.

I love asking people at this stage who their favourite character is and they all say the same person, with the exception of Ceitlyn who everyone loves, it’s maybe been my favourite too and that has come across in the books

They are all fast paced books and almost like getting 3 books in one (hence the paperback price of the page count but what I completely love about book one, apart from some innocence, it’s finding out who everyone really is. Their personalities, their traits, their secrets, their darkest secrets…

Everyone tells me they an easy read and the words flow making it a page turner. I’m so proud of those comments, I’m not claiming to be brilliant at writing but I can tell a story and my imagination took me everywhere writing this decalogy (that’s the name for a ten connected series of art).

I never thought they would be read by anyone else, it’s true I wrote them while recovering from a breakdown. My psychiatrist suggested I turn what was in my head into a book and thought, ‘I can barely function, never mind write a book!’ but I gave it a try and didn’t stop until 2 million words later.

I’ve dedicated book 2 to her and the crisis team who looked after me.

What can you expect from book 1?

Love, romance, heart break, humour, murder, assassinations, disturbia, mental illness and a whole load of entertainment and more.

I know they won’t be to everyone’s taste, I wrote what was in my head not what I thought people wanted to read. A friend read it to the end but it wasn’t her thing, she preferred more lovey dovey books.

I wasn’t offended at all but I felt it was shame as book 2 is when the real story begins. I worry that readers will stop at Book 1, it would be like stopping halfway through a book.

It’s only 99p and is on the KDP and if you want to leave any comments you can do so on here but it would be great if you left a review on Amazon


You can also buy the book at the same link


Georgie Mirren
Georgie Mirren

Georgie Mirren was born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland and is a newcomer in the world of authors with her decalogy 'Island Assassins'. The inspiration for the books came from a mental breakdown and the following depression that allowed her to live in another world. Once she began writing she couldn't stop, trying to capture both the dark and bright sides of mental illness with some romance, action and a great storyline.

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