Obviously the question I always get asked is ‘What is Island Assassins about?’ It’s not easy to give an answer as it gives too many spoilers away and the books are quite complex, weaving storylines and characters around each other.

The title should give you a clue, it’s about an Island full of assassins.

Although the first book doesn’t mention the Island or assassins, it gives the background story of a young woman called Ceitlyn who is under the protection of three ex Special Forces guys. It is gradually revealed that they might be more than ex SF and Ceitlyn is not sweet and innocent but a sociopath 

Book 1 starts off innocently enough but soon gets darker as the story progresses. All I can tell you is to hang in there, there are plenty of twists and turns and all will be revealed at the end.

I chose to use football as a setting, it was a likely place for a death threat and some fun too. Jilly Cooper used horses and Polo and I took inspiration from her, it’s not about the horses or the football, it’s about the characters, their interaction with each other and pushing some boundaries.

Yes there is romance and some parts are violent but you have no idea what is going to happen next and which way the story will take you. That’s what I wanted to achieve when writing and the feedback I get confirms it.

Book 2 will see them on the Island and that’s all I’m saying from there, too many spoilers.

I’ve asked readers who have read through all 10 books to describe what the books are about and they say they can’t, they loved them, couldn’t put them down and every page was a turner. Also very easy to read and has a good flow but again so much happens and it would be wrong to give too much away.

So how do I sell a book without too much information, well the star of the books is Ceitlyn and her journey from football coach to assassin to bigger things is the real story and the characters are with her all the way.

I call the plots and drama the background noise one story, the real story is in the characters. You will be guessing through book 1 all the way through to book 10 ‘what happens next?’

It’s a journey, one you hopefully won’t want to come off and it’s aimed at women, say, age 30-50 but men have been reading them too and yes, my mum and dad have also read them! If I knew that when I was writing they would be completely different books, but I’m over it now.

So, what are the books about? Take a leap and find out, there is romance, heartbreak, violence, disturbia, relationships friendships, betrayal, mental illness, vulnerability, strength, it’s all in there over nearly 2 million words

Please leave comments below, reviews on Amazon and the facebook page, be honest and if you think it’s worth 5 stars, go for it.

Georgie Mirren
Georgie Mirren

Georgie Mirren was born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland and is a newcomer in the world of authors with her decalogy 'Island Assassins'. The inspiration for the books came from a mental breakdown and the following depression that allowed her to live in another world. Once she began writing she couldn't stop, trying to capture both the dark and bright sides of mental illness with some romance, action and a great storyline.

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