The cost of paperbacks compared to kindle books is outrageous. For my books I can make a profit of £1 by selling a kindle book for around a fiver but to make 50p profit of a paperback, I need to price it at £13!

Granted, my books have between 500 and 700 pages so they are the equivalent of two books but I do wonder if we are being pushed to buying Kindle or using Kindle apps. I use one on my laptop and it works for me just fine but I don’t take it to the pool on holiday for example.

I find it sad that bookshops are closing, I love a good browse and will often find books I wouldn’t online and I love holding a book and turning the pages.

I bought all my books on paperback, I wanted them displayed in my writing room, I love showing them to people, they are tangible, all my work is there in my hands. Being the author I got them slightly cheaper but not by much.

Don’t get me wrong, Amazon having a print on demand service, so I can publish paperbacks, is a wonderful thing. Does it have to be so expensive?

I often buy the kindle version and the paperback, one for my bookshelf and the other I can carry around with me to look up notes or read when out and about. So I made sure I included my books in the Matchbook so others can do the same.

Matchbook is when you pay an extra £1 to get the kindle version when you buy the paperback.

I know so many people who don’t have kindle and or prefer a paperback, I just worry that £13 for a paperback is steep, even if they are getting two books worth of text.

What do you think? What’s the limit you will go to for a paperback? Is it worth paying so much more than the kindle version?

Let me know in the comments.


Georgie Mirren
Georgie Mirren

Georgie Mirren was born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland and is a newcomer in the world of authors with her decalogy 'Island Assassins'. The inspiration for the books came from a mental breakdown and the following depression that allowed her to live in another world. Once she began writing she couldn't stop, trying to capture both the dark and bright sides of mental illness with some romance, action and a great storyline.

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