Secrets from book 1 should only be read AFTER you’ve read book 1 as obviously it contains spoilers! I wouldn’t want to ruin any storylines for you.

Book 1 was written after book three as Book 2 was actually book 1. Confused? The story starts on the Island, but I had to introduce Ceitlyn to the Island and needed a way of getting her there.

I had a few ideas, one she was already working in the military and was selected because she was so brilliant.

Another was she was already on the Island, like she was born there and grew up with the guys, either as a sibling or whatever…

In the end I decided to make a bigger story of how she got there and make it a prequel of sorts. Jilly Cooper wrote about Polo because she knew a lot about it, so I chose football as I know some of it, as a background story.

From there it was easy to add conflict, danger and death threats to bring some of the guys on the Island in as ‘security’ for high profile clients. This meant I could start building some relationships in between the drama of vicious attacks, shootings and nutcases.

It was fun to write about football, especially basing the team I support on winning the European Cup and imagining what that would feel like. I glossed over much of it to save me from armchair critics emailing me!

It was a good opportunity to spend some time revealing Ceitlyns character, which is so complex, and it saved me from explaining it in future books, I could just add to it. She went through a violent gang rape, almost died when slitting her wrists, was nearly shot in the face and out up with a whole other shit. It cemented her as someone who never gives up.

The violent attack needed to be so shocking for a number of reasons. It needed to warrant the guys looking after her, it needed to set up the rest of the books, if you can get past those chapters, the rest of the books will be a breeze. It showed her resilience and vulnerability and it was a part tribute to all the women in the world that have suffered a sexual attack.

Jason wasn’t in the books at all, I went back and wrote him in after writing book three. It was just Ceitlyn and Danny in book one, but the storyline stayed the same, loved up with each other but neither making a move. I have extra chapters of the two of them together and I’ll release them on my website so make sure you sign up to ‘Georgie’s World’

Not sex ones, before they got together and how close they were.

I write fast and the books are fast paced, you never know what will happen next and that’s what I enjoyed about writing them.

Georgie Mirren
Georgie Mirren

Georgie Mirren was born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland and is a newcomer in the world of authors with her decalogy 'Island Assassins'. The inspiration for the books came from a mental breakdown and the following depression that allowed her to live in another world. Once she began writing she couldn't stop, trying to capture both the dark and bright sides of mental illness with some romance, action and a great storyline.

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