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Writing my first book in Oct 2016, it turned into 2 million words and a ten book series 'Island Assassins' a year later. They were all published in 2018. I did them all at once.

At the time of writing I didn't think anyone else would ever read my thoughts, so I just went for it and have managed not to cringe too much since. I have some fans who have read all ten, I've sold thousands of books and hundreds have signed up to Georgie's World (see below)

I'm currently writing a new book 'Ruby Raven' which might be one or a series, I don't know yet, but I do think I may have found my niche. Rich, Successful and beautiful women who suffer from some form of craziness with handsome men, sex, disturbia and violence. But I would class them as Thrillers with some Raunch.

Recently, I set up my blog so I could share all the facts and secrets of the books and my writing. Spoilers are all clearly stated so you won't read anything you shouldn't yet, so check that out and sign up below.

I hope you enjoy my writing, as much as I've enjoyed writing for you, If you like the books, please leave me a review on Amazon xx

Georgie's World

Some areas of the website are private and you will need a log in and password to access them. the hidden areas reveal things like who I based the characters on, the clothes the lead character wears and the apartments lived in. You will also be kept up to date with blog posts detailing background information, snippets that didn't get published and updates of future books

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