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Writing my first book in Oct 2016, it turned into 2 million words and a ten book series 'Island Assassins' a year later. They were all published in 2018. I did them all at once.

At the time of writing I didn't think anyone else would ever read my thoughts, so I just went for it and have managed not to cringe too much since. I have many fans who have read all ten, I've sold over 30,000 books and hundreds have signed up to Georgie's World (see below)

'Ruby Raven' is completed and now going through editing. 'The Platinum Crucifix' and the follow up book Gangsters and Dancers are due to be released this year with another upcoming book and unrelated book 'My Dad was a Rock Star My Mum was a Groupie' will soon follow.

My niche? Rich, Successful and beautiful but damaged women who attract the worst and most handsome men. I would class them as thrillers with plot twists, disturbia and violence. To keep the female readers happy they also include a good bit of raunch or erotica.

Recently, I set up my blog so I could share all the facts and secrets of the books and my writing. Spoilers are all clearly stated, I have so much work to do in that area, more coming soon.

I hope you enjoy my writing, as much as I've enjoyed writing for you, If you like the books, please leave me a review on Amazon xx

Buy Book 1 on Kindle now for 99p

All books are available on Kindle and Paperback and can be bought from the Bookstore on this website. Book 1 is an introduction to the rest of the books, it tells the background of Ceitlyn and how she meets the men who are ex Special Forces that save her life.

It's also a love story but does contain some harrowing scenes that make more sense later in the books. As the guys get to know Ceitlyn they discover she's not exactly the girl they first thought she was, there are many twists and turns and the feedback i get is 'you have no idea where the story is going right up until the end.'

I love that, I wanted to keep an element of surprise and that's why I can't give too much away or it will ruin the plot. It's a twisting thriller, full of surprises, danger and revelations. Each book gets better than the previous, book 2 is my favourite but most readers vote for book 7. It's 99p so you don't have to take to much a leap of faith, read it, love it, hate it... it's up to you. buy Book 1 HERE

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